Small, Low Energy Dogs Max 10Kg (Adult Weight)

Shin height (Adult Size) 

Put Your Pets in Expert Hands

The pet boarding services we offer are truly second to none. That’s because our work is inspired by a true passion for the health, wellbeing, and happiness of all animals. House sitting, walking, and quality transportation services are also available.



Pets, we work tirelessly to ensure our services are widely available and entirely affordable. That’s why we offer a number of attractive discounts on our comprehensive price list

Households with more than one pet are eligible for discounts money.

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CONTACT our pet boarding company today, in Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, to arrange the unbeatable pet care services we have to offer.

About Us

For unbeatable pet care services, choose our friendly pet boarding company.

Based in Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, SWAT Pets is an experienced husband-and-wife business that is helping to change the way animals are cared for when their owners are away.

Sitting, boarding, walking, and transportation services are all available to take advantage of.


Responsible and meticulous, our company is fully insured to cover all aspects of pet care and animal transportation. We can offer a limited House Sitting service for evenings, and daytime over the weekends only.


Currently, we own both cats and dogs. In addition, we have experience in looking after various birds, rabbits, rodents, and reptiles. As one of our dogs was epileptic and required medication three times a day, we have extensive experience in administering oral & suppository medication. We also have a few clients whose dogs are diabetic, and we are quite content and experienced in the use of needles.


SWAT Pets was one of the first pet boarding companies to be fully licensed by our local council. Plus, we are insured to transport vehicles by the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). What’s more, we both possess clean driving licenses, which we will happily show, upon request.

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