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Rely on Passionate Pet Boarding Services in Lydbrook, Gloucestershire

When you’re searching for dependable pet boarding and sitting services, look no further than SWAT Pets. Based in Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, our approachable company draws upon more than 50 years of experience to capably care for your pets as though they were our own.

Boarding, Not Boring

When your pet boards with us, they won’t be cooped up in a yard kennel. Instead, they’ll be supervised with the care and attention we afford our very own animals. That means they’ll have the freedom to roam our house and garden. A comprehensive walking service is also included, where we’ll exercise your pet with or without the lead depending on your instruction, and our specific location.. Whatever your pet experiences at home, they’ll experience here. For example, if they sleep on the bed at home, they’ll do exactly the same here.

Visiting Your Property

A limited house sitting service is also available during evenings and daytime at the weekend. We also offer what we call a "Quick Sit", and it is exactly that; a 1 hour visit to your home, for when hen you’d prefer your pet to stay at home. We’ll simply visit your property for an hour to perform any necessary tasks. This includes changing litter, laying out food, and even opening and closing curtains to make your house look inhabited while you are away.

Swift Transportation Services

Whether you have an appointment with the vet, a pamper parlour, or have any other need to convey your pet to any location, allow our friendly company to lend a hand. Working diligently, we’ll gladly take your pet to its appointment before returning it to you safe and sound. Deliveries are made on local and national scales, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with the details of your requirements.

Eliminating Stress for Pets

Moving home is often a distressing time for animals. When you’re moving property and are worried about your animal, we offer to collect your pet and take them to our house. While you get on with the logistics of moving, we’ll take excellent care of your pet. Then, we’ll bring them to your new home at a time that is convenient for you.

Making Holidays Effortless

Are you visiting the Forest of Dean, Ross-on-Wye / Wye Valley area on holiday? Don’t hesitate to bring your pets! In cases where you want to go out on the evening and are not permitted to leave your animal alone in your accommodation, we’ll happily visit to care for your animals while you enjoy a night on the town. When you’re out for a late night, we’ll collect your beloved animal and bring them to stay at our house for the evening. Then, we’ll return them in the morning so you’re free to carry on with your holiday.

Avoid Disappointment

The license we hold from the council limits us to caring for just six dogs at any one time. That means it’s important that you call ahead to discuss our availability. Working with you, we’ll try to get you booked in at a convenient and suitable time.

Going the Distance

Naturally, SWAT Pets is well-equipped to recommend excellent dog-walking routes in and around our area. Whatever your needs are, simply drop us an email and we will work to accommodate you.

Passionate about Pets

At SWAT Pets, all of the services we offer are informed by a sincere love of animals. That’s why we work so hard to take excellent care of your pets. Pet owners are welcome to visit our home and see exactly where their pet will be staying. Customers are free to phone us directly, at any time (within reason), to check on their pets.
One time, we had a dog stay with us over Christmas whilst his Mum went to Australia. We waited up until midnight on Christmas Eve (UK time) to give Mum an unexpected Christmas present - Face Time for Mum & Dog! Both loved it, but the one thing I hadn't taken into account was that although he could hear his Mum, he kept looking behind the screen to find her! When he couldn't, he went back to sleep as, to be fair, I'd had to wake him and it was a long time past his bedtime.

The Company We Keep

Please note that, unfortunately, there are some pets that we are unable to accommodate. Typically, we board small dog breeds. The largest breed we house is about that of a collie (22 inches to the shoulder, to be exact - my knee height). Don’t hesitate to contact us when you are unsure whether your dog is suitable. 

Prior to staying with us, we insist on a "Meet & Greet" where you bring your dog along to ensure that they get along with our dogs - and that they fall within our requirements too. We are happy to arrange further meetings to ensure that your pet will feel comfortable alongside our own animals, including trial days, etc.

CONTACT our pet boarding company today, in Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, to organise our pet sitting and boarding services.