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COVID Update


We are FULLY OPEN, and have been throughout.
We are observing different operating practices due to COVID and will explain when you contact us.

Watch Out...

Holiday Dates Below!

To give as much notice as possible, please note that we will be closed for the following dates:


 We have cancelled our holidays due to COVID, and have decided to push through with no break.
We have, however, booked the following inclusive dates:
07 to 14 May 22; 23 Sep to 01 Oct 22


From 06 April 2021, our prices change to be as outlined below.

No change to Boarding (£20/day) and no change to 10% discount for a second dog, etc: 


Day Care will be £15


About SWAT Pets

SWAT Pets is owned and operated by two passionate animal lovers. In fact, we currently enjoy the company of four dogs – a Corgi cross-breed and three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. In addition, we keep four cats – well out of the way of the dogs!

Secure Transportation

At SWAT Pets, we will only transport from one location to another - no "multi-drop" vans full of cages, where all the animals are barking in distress at each other.

Your pets are sure to find this spacious and secure crate comfortable during travel. If not, they can travel on the back seat wearing a harness and being clipped into the seatbelt.

Cage-Free Boarding

The only time your pet will be in a cage is when they are travelling in our vehicle. Otherwise, they will be allowed to roam throughout our house and garden, and are taken for regular walks and runs depending on your preference. When your pet is crate-trained, however, we will maintain its behaviour by using crates when you would prefer us to do so. If you want to bring your crate, feel free to do so.

An Unrestricted Visit

The dogs and cats we care for have the freedom to wander around unhindered. Cats, however, have special safe zones where they may be alone. The chickens are kept safely in a run – and we find that leaving the fish in the tank is much better than letting them out!

Teaching Dogs Some Manners

Abigail, our black and white cat, is sadly no longer with us. Before she departed, she taught our dogs the importance of respecting cats! Abigail took the time to  pass this information on to our current cats and dogs, who will tell all.

Chasing a cat might be fun, but if you get one cornered: dogs will come off worst.

Regular Exercise

Whatever the weather, we will ensure that all of the animals staying with us get the exercise and walks that they need. Just make sure to tell us how much exercise they need, as well as any other special instructions.

CONTACT our pet boarding company today, in Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, earn more about the services we provide.