When you come to see us, be it for a meeting or just a drop off / collection, please do not block the road by parking on our side of the road. It's upsetting our neighbours, and I'm sure that if someone blocked access to your house, you too would be annoyed.


Please park in any space that you can find, even on the bend at the end, or underneath the sign saying "Turning Only". 

We understand that you're only here for a few minutes but those minutes can disrupt the lives of our neighbours - so please be mindful of that when you park. If there is nowhere to park, go to the end of the road (under the "Turning Only" sign) and call us; we'll gladly come out to you to collect or return your furbaby(s) to you, whatever the weather.


We have had a complaint made, hence this request.

If people were to complain to the Forest of Dean District Council, it's possible that we could lose our licence. Whilst to you that may be an inconvenience to have (having to find a new pet sitter), this is our only source of income and would have a crippling effect on us.


Sorry to labour the point, and thanks for your understanding in this matter.  We'd rather walk out to you than risk anything.




Ian & Jen