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COVID Update


We are FULLY OPEN, and have been throughout.
We are observing different operating practices due to COVID and will explain when you contact us.

Watch Out...

Holiday Dates Below!

To give as much notice as possible, please note that we will be closed for the following dates:


 We have cancelled our holidays due to COVID, and have decided to push through with no break.
We have, however, booked the following inclusive dates:
07 to 14 May 22; 23 Sep to 01 Oct 22


From 06 April 2021, our prices change to be as outlined below.

No change to Boarding (£20/day) and no change to 10% discount for a second dog, etc: 


Day Care will be £15


Bank Holidays

There is a surcharge for any activity that is carried out on a Bank Holiday (BH), as detailed below:


  •   English Bank Holiday (EBH) or Substitute Bank Holidays (SBH)* there is a £5 surcharge per Dog / Quick Sit


  •   Identified Bank Holidays (IBH)** there is a £10 surcharge per Dog / Quick Sit, regardless of which day they land on


  •   Transportation will attract a surcharge of £25, regardless of which type of BH the transport job falls on - but NO transport job will be undertaken on 25 Dec.

               * For when an EBH would fall on a weekend (eg  27 Dec 21 was an SBH in lieu of Sat 25 Dec 21)

               ** Identified Bank Holidays are as follows:

                    Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day & Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee (Fri 3 Jun 22)