Bank Holidays

There is a surcharge for any activity that is carried out on a Bank Holiday (BH), as detailed below:


  •   English Bank Holiday (EBH) or Substitute Bank Holidays (SBH)* there is a £5 surcharge per Dog / Quick Sit


  •   Identified Bank Holidays (IBH)** there is a £10 surcharge per Dog / Quick Sit, regardless of which day they land on


  •   Transportation will attract a surcharge of £25, regardless of which type of BH the transport job falls on - but NO transport job will be undertaken on 25, 26, or 31 Dec.

* For when an EBH would fall on a weekend 
(eg  02 Jan 22 was an SBH in lieu of Sun 01 Jan 22)


** Identified Bank Holidays (IBH) are as follows:

Christmas Day, Boxing Day, & New Year’s Day


If you are confused over the cost of a booking over any Bank Holiday, feel free to give us a phone call and we can give you a quick quote over the phone for the period you are interested in with no obligation - we'll happily have a quick chat to clear up confusion. Cheers!