Sitting, Walking & Transporting Pets

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The cost of our capable services varies depending on the nature and scale of your requests. However, we have compiled a rough outline of our costs below.

Boarding Overnight at Our Home

A full day of boarding is available for just £20 a day. When more than one dog is boarded from the same household, a 10% discount will be applied to the second and any subsequent dog. For example, your first dog will cost £20 to board, while the second and any additional dogs will cost £18.  We advise that you supply sufficient food for your pet(s) stay to avoid any upset stomachs; if, however, you're content for your pet(s) to be fed with our food, then we will be happy to feed them a generic kibble style dry and/or tinned pet food. 

Walking Your Pet

(now NOT a stand alone service)

All walks will begin in the Cyril Hart Arboretum, in order to ascertain your pet’s recall capabilities. They may be obedient for you, but less so for us. When your pet demonstrates good recall with us, we will happily take them anywhere without the lead. If they’re not as good as we hope, we will make use of a long (15m) lead which will ensure that they get the run that they enjoy, whilst still being completely under our control.

Doggy Day Care

When you don’t need to have your pets looked after overnight, you are well-poised to take advantage of our Doggy Day Care service. This costs just £15 for any period up to 12 hours between 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. As with our boarding rates, there is a discount when more than one dog lives in the household. That means the first dog will be supervised for £15, while the second and any subsequent dogs will cost just £13.50.

Affordable Rates

The price of our transportation services will vary depending on how often you utilise our assistance. It starts at £0.65/mile, an all-inclusive rate. There are no hidden charges for hours worked, or any other type of charge*. What’s more, we guarantee that your animal will be the only one loaded (unless it's collection, to come to ours for Doggy Day Care or Boarding, then we cannot say how many dogs may be in each vehicle but it will only be for a short time) – nothing else is transported at the same time. Please note that we may ask for your permission to bring along one of our own dogs for company, though this is entirely at your discretion.

* If you have requested a European trip, there may be an extra charge to allow for the

waiting at the Eurotunnel for availability due to disturbance or a reduced Service.

Pet Sitting in Your House

At SWAT Pets, we are licensed to house- and pet-sit. These services are available for evenings on weekdays and daytime on weekend days.

In either case, please get in touch to discuss how we may help you, as it is often difficult to schedule these services between our normal working activities.

Quick Sitting

As part of this service, we will visit your house for an hour in order to carry out a variety of tasks.

Costing just £12.50, this service includes:

Letting the Dogs Out for a Run – Changing Cat Litter – Putting Down Food – Emptying Bins – Bringing in Mail – Turning Lights On and Off – Opening and Closing Curtains

Transportation Services

Whether the destination your pet is bound for is near or far, our company is happy to help. When you’re unable to make it yourself, we’ll conveniently take your dog to the groomer. When you wish to move your pet further afield, we are on hand to assist. SWAT Pets frequently transports pets for breeders around the country. This includes airport trips to facilitate the transportation of pets to another country. Once, we personally couriered a puppy directly to Hamburg. SWAT Pets is fully insured to transport animals via vehicle, and are registered with the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

CONTACT our pet boarding company today, in Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, to consult the expertise of our pet boarding company.