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At SWAT Pets, we take pride in delighting our customers with an exceptional commitment to the wellbeing of their animals. Take a look at what some of our clients had to say about the work that we perform.

“We will use SWAT Pets again”

“Ian and Jen looked after our dog, Jaf, overnight while we were in the area for a family party. He came back to us the next day really tired and reluctant to leave Henry, Ian’s dog, as they were getting along so well! Jaf had been swimming on a lead in the River Wye. Back home, he’s not keen on water, but he had followed Henry straight in! Thanks Ian and Jen, we will use SWAT Pets again whenever we are in the area.”
- Mr and Mrs B, Cumbria

“We had nothing to worry about”

“When we first arrived to drop off our dog, Harvey, we didn’t know whether he would be OK. Henry seemed to dislike having another male dog in the house. A few minutes later, when they were running and playing in the garden, we knew that we had made the right choice. Jen was playing with all of the dogs while Ian completed the paperwork and showed us their insurance. It was reassuring to see that everything was covered, and that we had nothing to worry about. After our weekend away, Harvey was transported back to our house at no extra cost. It was lovely to be able to unpack without worrying about where Harvey was, or what trouble he was getting into. He was full of beans and in really good health. It’s nice to know that there’s somewhere we can take our animals and know that they’re going to be well looked after.”
- M and J, Hereford

“They seem to do it all!”

“Cats, dogs, and reptiles! They seem to do it all! Thanks to my friends at SWAT Pets for looking after my lovelies.”
- J, Barnwood

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